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Monday, August 08, 2011

Wireless bridge with Riger DB108-WL

From my previous post, I've successfully connected my TV the my PC but I want more. I trying to connect my TV to my home main network. But this time I got 2 nearly identical modems (diff. firmware maybe), Riger DB108-WL. This model has a feature call wireless bridge and decided to try it out.

After several hours of trial and error, finally, I got it. Below are my settings/configurations that might help others.

Only modem B is connected to the internet through ADSL.

Modem A Setting Modem B Setting *


Make sure both modems are on the same channel

Make sure they have same security settings.

Set modem A AP mode as access point, modem B AP mode as wireless bridge,
At the wireless bridge setting. make sure modem A has modem B BSSID (MAC address of the wireless access point) and same goes to modem B (add modem A BSSID). Try to use the "Bridge Restrict: Enable(Scan)" drop button to scan for available modems.

After all settings are there, save and reboot both modems.

If all goes well, any device connected to modem b will be bridged to modem A (IP assign by modem A DHCP).

I notice at this point (when the bridge is on) modem B IP is no longer available. I could not find it anymore. The only way to find it (to enter the modem console for example) is to reset it. The modem B LAN port would not help since anything connected to modem B Ethernet port will be bridge to modem A.


Hughes Chong said...

Hello, is it able riger as modem A to bridge with tp link modem ?

leorick said...

I believe new modem uses WDS to connect which is much simpler than bridging. I've successfully connect 2 Innacomm W3400V modems using WDS but never had a chance to document everything since it was done at my parent's house. Not sure whether we can connect between wireless bridge and WDS. But would love to try that.