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Friday, September 04, 2009

Accessing unlisted program from Citrix.

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I have a very limited access to my citrix account, which only allows me to use 1 program that is MS Visio. But I know there are some other programs installed on the same citrix server. You might be interested in this post if you want to run other program from the same citrix server. I found this workaround by accident and would like to share with all of you. By doing this, you can open any program installed on the server, just like desktop sharing.

Login to citrix as usual.

Look! Only 1 program allowed.

Just run the allowed program (MS Visio)

Click File >> Open from the current program menu.

Pick any folder from the list, right click and choose Explore. The idea is to force run the explorer.exe executable.

And then this pop-up will appear, just click OK.

Now minimize everything on your desktop and you will get the citrix server Windows Desktop. Browse the start button for your favorite program.

To cycle through active programs, use ALT+TAB.

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